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Author: Denis Daly First published: 21-06-2020 13:50 Modified: 19-02-2022 16:38 Category: 2019 News

We are all delighted that mandatory covid rules and restrictions were removed. Indoor training activities are permitted to take place. Covid is however still around and still poses a threat which thankfully is currently a small one.

As recommended by Sports Ireland we are maintaining overarching basic protective measures. These include the use of COVID 19 Officers, recommending symptomatic individuals do not participate in or attend sporting activities, the ongoing promotion of good respiratory & hand hygiene along with the wearing a face coverings in relevant settings.

A local rule by DLR continues to require runners to limit training group sizes to 6 people in Loreto Park and Marlay Park. This is irrespective of Government rules.

Please check the club website for all updates.


Enjoy the new freedoms!

The Management Committee

Rathfarnham WSAF AC