Author: Zoe Melling First published: 08-01-2014 19:50 Modified: 20-09-2016 22:53 Category: News

The inaugural issue of the new annual club newsletter is now available at the following link:

Annual Rathfarnham WSAF Athletics Club 2013 News Review

Edited by Adam Jones, the 2013 Rathfarnham Annual Review includes an overview of some of the key achievements during 2013 for the club's athletes, an introduction to the management and coaching team, a feature on our annual 5k road race held in September, an opinion piece, and some helpful tips on how to maximise your athletic potential. Also included is a profile of Sean Hehir, one of the club's most successful athletes and winner of the 2013 Dublin City Marathon.

Best wishes to all for a happy and successful 2014!

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