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Brian competing in the Dublin Marathon

What sports did you play in school and college?

 Soccer mainly. Also hurling and football in school.

When and why did you choose athletics as your sport?

 When I moved to Dublin I started running in my spare time to keep my fitness.

What does a typical week consist of?

 Long run Sunday, session on Tuesday and Saturday. Mainly easy running otherwise. 

What's your strongest distance/race?

 10K to Half Marathon.

How has being a member of Rathfarnham AC added to your experience of the sport?

Great bunch of people in Rathfarnham - like all running clubs, positive atmosphere. 

What are your most satisfying achievements in athletics and life?

Representing Ireland in Mountain running. 

What advice would you give to other busy individuals trying to balance their career, personal life and training schedules?

 Always possible to fit the training in. Kinda hard to do it all though as regard going out and that, you have to make your choices.

Who inspires you in life and sport?

 Lots of people in athletics. Other sports such as GAA and soccer. Not necessarily all sport either, like music too. Running wise, the likes of John Lenihan and Kenny Stuart would be big heroes of mine mountain running wise. Plenty others on the track and roads too such as Ron Hill. More recently Gebresallie and Bekele.

If time, talent and money were no obstacle, what event or adventure would you most like to take part in?

I dont know – become a fulltime athlete and go on the track circuit around Europe/the World for the Summer!

What are your goals for 2016?

Run sub 32.00 mins for 10k.

Run Sub 15.30 for 5k

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