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By Sue Ryan

This year Fit4Life started a little later than usual but it was nicely timed to finish just before Easter week. Well earned Easter eggs.
Big numbers signed up this year so we added an additional coach to the sessions. This enabled the group to break into three different pace groups. 
We run Fit4life as an introduction to club running. It is an eight week programme, once a week. Each week we do different types of speed sessions, like we do at a club session. Explaining the importance of pacing and recovery. We did 400’s, 1k's, 1miles, pyramids, hill repeats and a few Parkruns for good measure.
It was a very focused and determined group and weren’t going to let The Beast of the East stop them from their Tuesday session. We wouldn’t let it stop them either! So the Tuesday before “The Curfew” we did a longer warm-up and ran our interval session as usual. However the week after was different. When all the snow seemed to have vanished from everywhere else, the paths in Loreto Park in Nutgrove were still impassable. No one told us there was a localised Red Weather Warning there!  So we moved onto a small patch of grass, had a great session and kept our feet dry too.
No one stops Rathfarnham AC athletes, even guest ones, from running.
Congratulations and well done to everyone who took part and challenged themselves. We admire your commitment to the eight weeks despite seriously cold weather. You all did great. A warm welcome to those who are continuing their training with us as full members of the club.
A big thank you to all in the club who volunteered and offered to help, we couldnt have run Fit4Life without you. You all added greatly with your own knowledge and experience.
Lets do it again next year!

Editor's note: Massive congratulations to Sue and her crew for brilliant organisation! 


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