Author: Peter Claffey First published: 26-12-2011 13:17 Modified: 20-09-2016 22:34 Category: Members Announcements

Well done to all you hardy Club runners who braved the Mince Pie Run to the top this balmy St. Stephen's Day morning at 10.00. This run takes you from the Clubhouse past the Yellow House, up Edmondstown road, up through Rockbrook and beyond, right turn at the narrow bridge, up past Cruagh wood to finish at the top of the road beside the carpark on Kilakee Road. The downword jog takes you down Kilakee Road onto Stocking Lane (no one braved it to Tallaght this time), onto Scholarstown Road, and back to the Clubhouse via Edmonstown Road. The early charge up to Rockbrook saw Derek Bain, Rory O'Hanlon and Brendan Hogan take the lead. This leading group were soon reeled in by Brian Crinion, Gearoid O'Connor and closely followed by Paul Fleming. Brian and Gearoid took it on from Cruagh with Brian just a few steps ahead. Gearoid was not to be beaten and made it to the top in first place with a last-second burst. After this lot came Liam Griffin, John Hynes, Philip Wright, Maria Dolan, Vanessa Sallier, Helen French, PJ Claffey, Zoe Melling, Laura Flynn and Ann French who took the perpetual trophy. Well done to all. Pictures in the Gallery.

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