Author: Denis Daly First published: 09-01-2017 22:06 Modified: 25-01-2017 22:26 Category: 2017 Race Reports Archive

The 2017 Dublin Masters Cross country Championship took place on Sunday 8th January in St. Anne's Park Raheny. Individual performances included excellent 2nd place O.35 from Bobby Murphy, 2nd O.45 from Donna Mahon and 3rd O.40 from Paul Flemming. Joe Casey was first O.55. The M35 team took the bronze medal (Bobby Murphy, Brian Furey, Paul Flemming, Denis Daly). M50 team also won the bronze medal (Joe Casey, Tom Cuddy, Sean Doyle,Eric Cullen). W35 team were 6th. Sue Ryan, Jackie Kingston,Donna Mahon, Vanessa Salier and Helen French competed in the women's race. Seamus Gorman, Philip Wright, Tom Cuddy, Derek Bain, Barry Mulvihil, Eric Cullen, John McHugh, Sean, Denis Daly, Bobby Murphy, Shane O'Neill, Paul Flemming and Brian Furey competed in the men's race.

The full results are on the Dublin Athletics Board website. Pictures of all who ran today are in the Gallery.

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