Author: Denis Daly First published: 27-01-2018 21:50 Modified: 28-01-2018 22:38 Category: 2018 Race Reports



Congratulations to the two Rathfarnham WSAF AC Athletes who completed the 2018 Art O’Nell Challenge. Both dug in for excellent finishing positions near the top of the field with Eilis Connery coming 15th in a time of 7:45:21 and Greg Byrne 16th in 7:45:31.

The Art O’Neill Challenge is a race of about 53km from Dublin Castle to Glenmalure valley through the night. 30km are on roads and a tough 23km are off road. This year conditions were extremely wet making it even harder than normal. Greg couldn’t get to the Club’s annual Dinner and Awards ceremony the next day describing himself as ‘broken’!! There is no video of the sprint finish between himself and Eilis apparently because it was still dark!

Thanks to Actionphoto for the picture which we think is Greg! But is that Eilis emerging from the darkness behind him?!!


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