Author: Denis Daly First published: 03-07-2018 22:52 Modified: 09-09-2018 20:55 Category: 2018 Race Reports


It was great to see Ruairí Long of Rathfarnham WSAF AC competing as part of the 4 man Irish U20 team that finished 7th overall (a mere one point off 6th!) at the European Mountain running Championships in Skopje, Macedonia. He placed 25th individually and was the 2nd Irishman home. The course involved a 6 km lap with 350 m of climb. Well done Ruairí, we’re all very proud of your achievement and well done to your staff, especially our own Mike Long on being a team leader at the event!

A full report detailing all results from an Irish point of view can be found on the IMRA site HERE.

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