Author: Denis Daly First published: 18-08-2018 19:42 Modified: 18-08-2018 19:43 Category: 2018 Race Reports


The beast is a mixed event that was run around the Wild Atlantic Way in Donegal from 2nd to 5th August. It runs a course of about 410km and they say it should take about 48hours, but don’t believe that! There are 4 in a team and all members of the team must be within visual and hearing distance of each other at all times as well as finish together. The winning team included none other than Rathfarnham WSAF AC’s Greg Byrne. He appears normal on the surface but at the moment he is running like the world is about to end. The team won in a time of 51:59:25 breaking the psychological 52hr barrier (I just made that up!). Greg was in great form afterwards having hogged the survival tent for his naps.

Well done to all who took part, I think!



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