Author: Peter Claffey First published: 10-05-2009 21:44 Modified: 20-09-2016 22:09 Category: 2009 Race Reports Archive

Turlough Conway was first home for the Club in 16.30 (5th), followed by Ian Ingram in 16.52 (7th), John Brennan in 17.10, Pierce Coyle in 17.19, Sean Doyle in 17.35, Willie Morris in 17.58, John Farrelly in 18.35, Heiner Schuster in 20.21, Terry McConnon in 21.38 and Derek McConnon in 32.17. Caitriona Jennings won the Womens race in 17.23, followed by Tracy Jennings in 20.26 (4th) and Zoe Melling in 20.32 (6th). Full results available here.

Photos by Rob Harris available at Racepix365

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