Author: Denis Daly First published: 24-10-2019 22:28 Category: 2019 Race Reports
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The Amsterdam five.

A group of five Rathfarnham WSAF AC athletes went on tour to the 2019 Amsterdam marathon on Sunday October 20th. The pre-marathon pasta dinner and the post marathon celebrations were booked well in advance and Adam Jones' pearls of training wisdom were spinning around in everybody's head. The marathon finds you out every time, leaving nowhere to hide if all isn't perfect and despite the good training and preparatory races there are always mixed results. In the end Denis Daly ran 2:56:02 (PB! whoohoo!), Micheál Murphy 2:59:20, Denis Everett 3:17:46, Barry Mulvihill 3:24:00 and Eric Cullen 3:55:19. There's a story behind every time, just ask! Roll on the next marathon.

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