Author: Denis Daly First published: 17-09-2020 21:11 Category: 2019 News

Following a meeting of the clubs management committee, it has been decided that the general area of the Loreto clubhouse and the clubhouse in Rathfarnham village will remain closed for official club training, for the Winter 2020 and the early part of 2021. With the current social distancing rules very likely to remain during this period,  we would only be able to have 6 persons at any one time in the general areas of each clubhouse. In respect of Thursday circuit training, this low number would render the session impractical. On Tuesday nights, it would be very difficult to control and manage social distancing.
It has been decided to hold the circuit training sessions outdoors on Thursday nights in Loreto. We will ask the DLR to cut and maintain the grass in a suitable area and we will reposition the lights.
On both Tuesday and Thursday nights, only the Ladies/Mens changing rooms and toilets in the Loreto clubhouse will remain open. It will be important that social distancing protocols are followed and that members do not congregate in the kitchen/hallway area.
We are aware that these restrictions are difficult for coaches and members but in light of Covid-19, the safety and well-being of our members and club officials/coaches is of paramount importance.
We will duly inform all members of this decision.

The Management Committee:

John Mc Cabe
Owen Mc Loughlin
Beth Neal
Denis Daly
Suzanne Ryan
PJ Claffey

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