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All Rathfarnham WSAF AC membership subscriptions are done online. This includes membership renewals as well as the registering of new members joining the club. We no longer have the facility to take cash, cheques or paper applications. 

The membership system we use has been very conveniently set up by the Athletics Association of Ireland and has proven itself very useful for this and other functionality for the club.

We ask you to log into the AAI website by clicking the link below and check your details are correct.  Then follow either the “membership renewal” link or the “join the club” link. If you are not registered you will be given an option to do so. Please fill out your details and proceed.



Please note that Rathfarnham WSAF AC value your personal data and will make every effort to keep it secure in compliance with the GDPR. We only collect data that we need to use for your AAI Registration. Please see our full Data Protection Policy on this website.